Transfer Student Union was established in the fall semester of the 2019 school year with the purpose to help guide new students through their new journey at Florida State University. Transfer Student Union allows students to create meaningful relationships with their peers, Develop valuable skills and assets. Access resources to further develop their life, career, and education,  Establish leadership qualities, participate in community service, and  Take an active role in student life on campus, and lastly, establish a network with fellow transfers 

Often, Transfer students struggle with adjusting to the campus culture. Or they might not have been as fortunate to know as much as a student who has been at the school since freshman year. It can be hard sometimes for new students to find friends as well as imperative campus resources. Transfer Student Union serves as a vessel to make the transition from your previous school to FSU as seamless as possible.

We believe all transfer students can find their place at FSU with the right guidence.

Our Mission

Our mission at Transfer Student Union is to provide Advocacy and Resources for new students at Florida State University , and share wisdom to enhance the transfer experience at FSU.


Our Vision

Transfer Student Union creates an atmosphere where students can connect with others, and build a solid network to help them prevail at Florida State University.

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